Photos of O7 21-22 2007 Bodega Dunes (First posted July-25-2007 at 09:00 pm)
Photos of O7 21-22 2007 Bodega Dunes (First posted July-25-2007 at 09:00 pm)

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REI Roadster UL 1 person tent

Another new toy for this trip. I bought this tent last year during a sale at REI ($45) and love it. Perfect for overnighters. Note the plenty of "outside storage" room provided by the rainfly. Once that rainfly is closed there is room for some serious amount of stuff... for those who like to carry lots of things. For me just my hydration pack and shoes.

The longer vesion:
The REI Roadster UL 1 person tent is plenty roomy inside, I could change clothes, sit and move around freely. Yes it is not as roomy as a 2 person tent but for the price I paid (~$45 on sale) it can't be beat. The construction is good the seams are sealed and setting it up is very simple, the instructions are printed in the outside of its stuff sack. It took me about 10 minutes to pitch it, remember this was practically the first time using this tent. The big side access door makes getting in and out easy. The rainfly provides enough room (outside the tent) to place a big hydration pack shoes and there still room for more; I guess that storage space could protect a set of medium size paniers and shoes. A nice little gadget is a clear window on the body of the tent and rainfly so you can see what's going on in front of your tent.

Overnight I did not have any condensation problems and I would be surprised if there was one, there are plenty of good size mess panels for ventilation and the way the tent is designed lets air flow between tent and fly. I like this tent a lot. Perfect for those short bike camping trips and even longer ones. The bad thing, it seems REI discontinued it and I have not seen a replacement. So glad I got mine!

(First posted July-25-2007 at 09:00 pm)

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