Photos - Brevets and Preparation (First posted December-18-2006 at 05:35 pm)
Photos - Brevets and Preparation (First posted December-18-2006 at 05:35 pm)

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Joe G And JimG near Woodacre

I rode all 3 days of the long weekend, today the plan was to ride with JimG to Point Reyes and return home. On the way to Fairfax a rider complemented something on Jim's bike and that started a conversation.

It turned out the rider was also a randonneur planing on doing the SFR 200k in a couple of weeks. We rode together to White Hill, just outside Fairfax where JimG and I climbed at our pace, Joe took a little longer but we waited for him at the top. Later I found he was the "Joe" responsible for moving the Randon list from Topica over to Google groups, thank Joe!

While waiting JimG proposed a stop at the Woodacre Deli, I knew I was in trouble. I love them Woodacre Deli sandwiches, the best I tell you, the best.

After a quick stop to pickup lunch we where on our way to Nicassio. Once there a couple that I recognized from the 2006 200k arrived ready for a break. We all engaged in brevet talk. It turned out Alf and Lisa are not doing the 200k this year, they are going on vacation during that time.

The sun was shining, the bench was inviting, the sandwich was good, the conversation was great, I knew I was in trouble. When JimG ask if we should get going I just could not see myself riding the extra 10-15 miles so I declined the invitation. Fortunately Joe G was more than happy to pick up my slack and they went on to complete the planed ride.

On the way back I ran onto Alf and Lisa in San Anselmo and we rode within eye distance to San Francisco.

A good ride.

(First posted December-18-2006 at 05:35 pm)

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