La Ruta Loca Randonnee (First posted September-27-2012 at 02:33 pm)
La Ruta Loca Randonnee (First posted September-27-2012 at 02:33 pm)

La Ruta Loca Randonnee (LRLR) and its sibling rides have grown in popularity and now deserve their own section.

Please note that a variation of La Ruta Loca Randonnee 200k has been approved as a RUSA Permanent (route #1689.) The registration form and cuesheet for the Permanent can be found here. The cuesheet for the Brevet version of Ruta Loca Randonnee 200k can be found at the San Francisco Randonneus Route Archive

 Brian descending Coastal The Background
It all started back in 2005 during my first year of Randonneuring. Tood Teachout, San Francisco Randonneurs Regional brevet Administrator at the time, asked for submissions of possible routes for a 100k Poplulaire that involved both, off road and paved roads. I came up with a route that used the GGNRA headlands fire roads, paved roads up Mt Tam, Stinson Beach, Muir Woods and then back to San Francisco via Mill Valley. Todd added the Tiburon loop to make it 100k. That original cuesheet can be found at the San Francisco Randonneurs Route Archive, look for the Stinson Beach 100k Populaire

As I got more interested in Randonneuring I also started thinking of expanding the route to a full 200k but I never liked climbing Mt Tam on the paved road so a new route was needed. By then I had been doing many rides with JimG, Jim E, Robbins P, Greg B and others and they all were always interested in exploring new places. This was the golden era of my route scotting; I would plot a ride on the excellent Marin Bicycle Map (no biclycle mashups of google maps back then) print a cue sheet leaving the distance column blank and use my friends company and sometimes my solo rides to test the route and literally fill in the blanks in the cue sheet as I went.

After a while I had somewhat accurate measurements of a decent network of fire roads and paved connectors. The next step was to assemble them into a single route and test the course. On August 25, 2007 I did the first run of the route by myself. The rest is history... kindo.

I tried to get the route approved by RUSA as a Permanent in 2008 and submited the paperwork but it was rejected. It was too hard to explain to RUSA the places that look like options to take a shortcut would be very impractical, I abandoned my effort and waited for technology (better google maps mashups), and a new mindset to catch up :) In 2012 I re-submited LRLR 200k and it was approved as a Permanent. Rob Hawks, San Francisco Randonneurs RBA (2008-13...) agreed to include it in the 2013 calendar and in 2013 with just minor changes LRLR was approved as as a 200k Brevet.

To get others interested in doing Mixed Terrain Brevets I've been organizing mixed terrain rides since 2006 (I think) and post the schedule on the Mixed Terrain ride Calendar which I usually update a few times a year; it contains proposed dates for different rides and off course for La Ruta Loca Randonnee 200k.

The Ride
So how does this route compare to a "regular" paved 200k brevet? Well LRLR has a lot of climbing for the distance, about 12500k ft, plus most of that is done off road so progress is slow. IMO, you can expect at least a ~35% increase on your total finishing time. So if for a paved hilly 200k brevet with about 7500k ft of climbing it takes you say 9:30 hrs, for LRLR you can expect to finish in arround 12:50 hrs, of course that is a very rough estimate and does not take into account heat or trail conditions at the time. I complete the SFR Point Reyes Light House 200k in about 9:20 give ot take 20 minutes, I ussualy finish LRLR with 0-20 minutes to spare, 13:10hrs - 13:30hrs.

All but one of the controls on route are Informational so they don't have opening-closing times. Other than the Start and Finish controls only the Tiburon Control (Cafe Acri) has open and closing times.  Remember the time limit for the 200k is 13:30 hrs so you have very little room for mechanicals and long stops.

Below is a progress table I did for the full 200k Brevet route. Permanents have slightly different time allowances but the table will serve you as a guide for either one. It is based on what RUSA would use for closing times on the Brevet controls if they were timed, however info controls are NOT timed so this is only good for pacing yourself. Starting with the Coast View Trail control and continuing to Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd control, most riders will lose time compared to this table, however once in Tiburon (Cafe Acri) you should have some time in the bank but more climbing is ahead so better move :) I used the SFR Rider Time Calculator you can enter your own figures there.

Rider Progress Table:
(Asumed) Start Time 6:00 am
Average Speed 9.34 m/h

Control Location Mile # Elapsed Hrs Time of Day
Old Springs Trail 8.6 0:55 6:55 AM
Coast View Trail 19 2:02 8:02 AM
Concrete Pipe Rd 29.1 3:07 9:07 AM
Randall Trail 44.1 4:43 10:43 AM
Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd 53.8 5:46 11:46 AM
Cafe Acri 88.7 9:31 3:31 PM
West Point Inn 101.7 10:54 4:54 PM
Coyote Ridge 110.8 11:53 5:53 PM
Marincello Trail 115.8 12:25 6:25 PM
Beach Hut Cafe (Finish) 125.88 13:30 7:30 PM

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