(Almost) Always on time, A Christmas Wish (First posted December-27-2006 at 03:42 pm)
(Almost) Always on time, A Christmas Wish (First posted December-27-2006 at 03:42 pm)
My Mom is never late for anything, in fact she is always a couple of minutes early.

My dad has always been a sportsman. His first pasion was Futbol (I mean real futbol not football), after that it was Tennis. Untill a couple of years ago he played tennis almost every day and of course on weekends. On weekends he will leave home to the country club where we all played tennis at 8:00 or 9:00 am and announce (Ok el que se fue se fue y el que se quedo se quedo" roughly "Ok, whoever wants a ride better gets into the car now". My sister and I knew there was no negotiating room there, if we were not ready he will just drive off without us and we will have to take the bus with all our gear. We learned to get ready, showered and all, very fast. I think in all those years of getting a ride I missed the "taxi" just a couple of times. For me it was fun to run against the clock.

Christmas Day Ride view
The timely behavior got embedded somewhere between my left and right hemispheres early  on and never left. When I wore a watch I ran it 10 minutes fast and always considered the time on the dial the real time. I hate being late... for anything.

One of the reasons I took cycling was the freedom it provided, no need to have another warmth body to play, unlike tennis, squash, rock climbing and other sports. I decide to ride put on some clothes get on a bunch on metal connected by two wheels and go, wherever I want, far or nearby. I rarely ride with others because I like the freedom I get when riding alone, I stop when I want (if I want) and leave when I want, ride fast or slow...

On the other hand, sometimes is nice to have somebody to share a beautiful day on the bike, nasty weather can also get the best out of people. Sometimes the landscape is larger, brighter, rougher, when there is someone to witness you witnessed it.

<nag>When you are on time it means you respect the other person</nag>. <rant>I wish all rides started at the agreed time.</rant>

Another slow day at work.
(First posted December-27-2006 at 03:42 pm)

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