la la la pow!, psfssfssfss, oh sh#*! (First posted October- 6-2006 at 02:11 am)
la la la pow!, psfssfssfss, oh sh#*! (First posted October- 6-2006 at 02:11 am)
La la la inside my head, happy songs that come to me when riding and not by means of a silly iPod crap thank you. Anyways, the weather was very nice, Freaky flat I was having a good ride like most times then all of the sudden I head this POW! followed by a pssfssfssfssfss, after years of riding I know what that means, the tire - rear one in this case - blew off. So now I am trying to do a controled stop on a Sunday afternoon busy Golden Gate Bridge west sidewalk. The bike does not respond well but at least is the rear tire and I am on smooth concrete.

I finally come to a stop and I know this is an inner tube replacing flat, hope the tire is fine. I decided to walk the 20-30 yards to the South gate, where there is a perfect spot out of the way where I can fix my flat. You've got to be kidding me! this thing is huge! Metal arrow-head-like scrap metal Metal arrow-head-like scrap metal a 1.5" long by 0.5" wide and about 3/16" (3mm) thick piece of scrap metal shaped like the best arrow head you would ever see. No wonder the air came out of the tire so fast. I hope I can fix the tire, I mean not to ride home but to use the tire for some more happy mixed terrain miles. This tires are, as far as I know, not available in the US and I happen to like them a lot for the type of riding I do. Fortunately a friend is coming to visit from Colombia, where I bought them and I had asked him to bring me a couple of pairs.

Rider beware, the usualy clean Golden Gate Bridge sidewalk may have some hidden surprises for you.
(First posted October- 6-2006 at 02:11 am)

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