I am a weenie (My armchair 600K) (First posted April-24-2007 at 01:57 pm)
I am a weenie (My armchair 600K) (First posted April-24-2007 at 01:57 pm)
Who's riding the 600k? I posted a message to the SFRandon list and that started it all. I had been watching the weather for a week and saw how the rain was becoming more and more the main theme of all forecasts for the upcoming weekend. I was not sure I wanted to ride a rainy 600k, we had enough fun under the rain on the 300k a couple of months ago and the thought of duplicating (x 2) the experience did not play well in my head.

On the other hand this could be the year I completed the San Francisco Randonneurs brevet series. The 200k, 300k and 400k were fun especially the 400k. Friday morning and early afternoon forecast for the weekend was not that bad, some rain Saturday from about 3PM to 9AM the next day and the amount of rain was not supposed to be that much. However I made the mistake of watching the TV news forecast before going to bed. Over 1" of rain expected on the Northern part of the 600k route from Healdsburg to Ft Bragg, that was not good, at least for me.

From an almost committed state I went to a I'm not sure. Went to sleep with rain in my head. In the morning I checked out the forecast again, no change, over 1" of rain at night for the north part of the route. After many should I stay or should I go I decided I was not mentally prepared to deal with the rain. I would stay home. Sent a message to my riding friends to see if they were up for a ride, JimG replied with "you know that this means it's not going to rain now, right?", words that would hunt me for the whole weekend. It rained a bit but it seems Sunday was a decent day for riding near the Northern part of the 600k route. Do I regret not doing the 600k? Kindo, SFR brevets are always fun but I think I made the right decision to stay home.

My hat off to those who faced the weather for the 2007 SFR 600k. This brevet riding thing is more a head game than anything else. Not much I can do now other than accept I was such a dry weenie. the good news is my wife and I are off next week for a three week bicycle touring vacation, as off now most of the details are still unknown, just the way we like'em...

Here are the results for the 2007 San Francisco Randonneurs 600k
(First posted April-24-2007 at 01:57 pm)

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