Backwards SFR Ft Bragg 600k workers ride (First posted May- 6-2011 at 12:28 pm)
Backwards SFR Ft Bragg 600k workers ride (First posted May- 6-2011 at 12:28 pm)

Yes Monica next year I won't run a marathon every month and will make sure I will not start a brevet if I am not rested and in shape for the challenge. The Fleche last weekend was not hard and the 400k a few weeks before was also ok but little by little the body was drained of mojo. It was not fair to John. Weird enough I am not that tired today (Monday), I was able to get some work done till the lack of sleep on the weekend caught up with me.

Hey John! Oh good to know you're fine. So you came just a few minutes after me. Yep, I went straight to the Strauss Statue so we missed each other when you rode straight home. At the bridge I saw Ian K-B and his dad and we chatted for a while. He sounded very exited about the 600k next week.

Thanks for picking me up Monica, I was not looking forward to riding home from the bridge. I am glad all this is over, don't want to even think about another 600k! no señor, I am done with this crap!

Thanks for coming to meet us and the pizza and junk food Greg. That Pizza was good ah? Yep I have not seen John since we splitted up somewhere in San Geronimo Valley. He wanted to take the scenic way starting at the Nicasio intersection I was too tired for the longer but prettier route. I thought I would be seeing him in San Anselmo where I stopped to buy a cold drink. BTW that Rock Star energy drink sucks, nothing but sugar and no flavor.

See you Mike (Black Mountain Cycles), thanks for letting us hang out on the coach. Hey I never knew Whale of a Deli sold burgers, this thing is good and under $8 bucks! Good find John. Hope you are not in a hurry to finish 'cause I'm still very tired. Thanks again for pulling all the route man, sorry I could not help more. I definitely did not have enough time to recuperate from all that exercise this month.

Hey Robbins, I received your message. I'm thinking I'll be arriving near 4pm. Whoa It would be very nice if you come to meet us at the GG Bridge.

Ah maybe I'll stop here in Occidental for another short break and more coke and little powdered donuts. They seemed to worked back there in Guernville for breakfast.

Seriously John, I am tired, I need to take a little longer here at the parking lot of the Guernville Safeway. Just go, don't worry! Thanks for pulling my sorry ass all day and night. Maybe we'll see each other again at Black Mountain Cycles in Pt Reyes Station.

I can't keep up the pace anymore John. Here in Healdsburg it is flat, but West River Rd will be rollers that will kill me. If you want to go ahead I understand. Me very tired!

Man this is such a nice morning, after leaving Cloverdale the temperature was so much warmer, nice. Of course it is now sunny. Is Farrah still smiling?

No worries, the other gas station farther South also had booths, last year Rich and I stopped there for coffee. I wondered why they removed the booths at the one you wanted to go to?

That was a good 20 degrees change in temperature on this side of 128, however I was glad, I put the windbreaker on before descending into Cloverdale. So you wanna stop at the first gas station? I did not know it did have comfy booths.

No problem I have a brand new set of lithium batteries, this set that just died I used last weekend on the Fleche for the last 4 hours of night riding. Glad it decided to turn off while climbing and that I had the secondary light on at the time.

This last section of 128 is so freaking long and steep when you are tired!

I'll leave the rest of the water here for anybody who wants it next weekend. You don't think Gabe and Brian will use it? It is just 1/2 mile at most to Boonville.

Yes a short stop just here at the gas station in Navarro to pee and maybe poo! ha ha, just maybe. That pasta is talking back.

Where is that Dimmick campground, thought we would have hit it by now. I tell you that drop bag break during the regular 600k is placed at the perfect location. It is a nice oasis for riders doing the regular ride. Remember the espresso and smoothies last year? That was awesome!

Finally Hwy 128! I thought I was in PBP and we were following pretty girls on bikes, what a dream. Maybe I'll go to PBP to check those girls.

Bye mi amor, thanks for driving all the way here with the drop bag and meet us for dinner, it was great seeing you. Hope you have a great night sleep here in town and a safe drive home tomorrow morning. The karaoke was hilarious wasn't it? The pasta was a little heavy I hope I am not gonna pay for it later.

Who would have known, we should have ate first before they closed most restaurants at 9:30 here in Ft Bragg. Well at least we took care of the control receipts.

Yep man these miles from Mendocino to freaking Ft Bragg are tedious. You think you are at the top of the incline and there is another long stretch of boring road.

Perfect timing to reach Hwy 1, Isn't that view great? What a sunset! This is so beautiful, just like PBP, ha, ha, ha. Anyhow that 128 was evil with the wind.

Hey I thought you were driving on Hwy 20 instead of 128. Yes this is very pretty. So pick a cafe near the supermarket to meet us for dinner instead of waiting at Safeway. I think it is gonna be more like 9pm at least.

Look John that is Monica!

Any tree will do. I need to pee and probably we can put on the reflective stuff. Dimmick should be just around the corner but hey better now than later.

That was a long break at Boonville, so you say you have a secret tree to stash this water and gatorade for the way back?

Whohoo! cool downhill, it never gets old. If only we have a different way to return to Occidental...

I don't know why I thought the drop on 128 was a little further from Old Mountain House Rd but I am not complaining. It was nice to have little traffic going up 128 from Cloverdale.

Monica, there is a lot of wind, no way we are gonna match least year's 7pm arrival in Ft Bragg. We are at a gas station in Cloverdale, so it is gonna be more like 8:30. Yes more time for you to do stuff in the city before heading over here. Thanks mi amor. Oh yes, could you stop at Trader Joes and get a couple of ginger dried fruit bags? John gave me some and me likes!

The photo of that cougar-wanna-be with you on the foreground would have been fantastic John, too bad the camera did not cooperate. This Safeway soup is hitting the spot perfectly. Eating soup at Safeway always reminds me of Willy N, he was the one who introduced me to them. We are not doing that bad in time considering the headwind we had from the start. That section from Petaluma to here (Healsdburg) is never fun.

Look they removed all the traffic circles on D street in Santa Rosa. I liked the street better with the calming traffic circles.

Ok right here under this tree shade, It is getting hot, undress yourself then.

Um shortbread cookie and espresso. I like stopping here at Peets in Petaluma better than at Safeway. Down there, there is too much going on.

Just like PBP, we will be dreaming all day, ha ha. I know...

I say the supermarket in Pt Reyes Station unless you want something from the Bovine bakery? We are not doing too bad in time.

I was about to leave, just left you a message at home probably at around 6:10am. When are you gonna get a cell phone? I thought you had decided not to do it and it was gonna be just me. I am not feeling that good, did not sleep much last night, we'll see how it goes.

Ok see you at the bridge tomorrow at 5:50am John! Yes it seems it is going to be windy but also sunny and mild during the day.

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